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Paint, glaze, plaster, lime wash, stain, gold/silver leaf

Paint, glaze, plaster, lime wash, stain, stencil, gold/silver gold/silver leaf

Stain, paint, antique, distress

Stain, paint, antique, distress

Plaster, paint, stain

Strip, refinish, stain, paint, gold/silver leaf

Houses/custom residential painting
Paint and stain: walls, woodwork, cabinets, doors, windows


Always on the hunt for exotic and high performance finishes, I'm constantly looking for the best and most interesting materials to create beautiful finishes. There is a vast array of great products available today. Below are examples of types of finishes we offer:

Italian (aged lime) plaster.

This is the king of hand applied wall finishes. It's luminous marble appearance is truly stunning. This finish beacons, once you touch it you can feel the sensual beauty. When the finest plasters are applied by a knowledgeable hand, it truly is an art form.

Lime wash.

This finish is an old world cousin to aged lime plasters. Made from slaked lime like the lime plasters, it is brushed as opposed to troweled. The soft mottled velvety surface it creates brings back memories of times long past.

Artisan Plaster.

These finishes are fun, interesting and unusual. They are plasters finishes above and beyond other Italian plasters. I've developed several great finishes using different types of products such as interior veneer plasters, hot mud, walnut shells, glass beads, metallic glazes, etc.

Dutch enamels and varnishes.

Holland has been developing paints and varnishes for over 300 years. They are the leader in high end house paints and boat varnishes. These products are developed with the European philosophy that painting you houses or varnishing your boat with the very finest and best possible finishes is a matter of great pride and satisfaction. These products are amazing. The quality and beauty is immediately obvious upon seeing them. American house paint manufacturers produce nothing close to the level of these products.

Wood finishes.

These are another of my favorite type of finishes. There's nothing like the warm, rich and understated glow of a finely finished wood surface. It can be distressed and antiqued or modern, rich, deep with a matt finish. This great life and depth of the wood is achieved by layering of color and clear coats. Great wood finishes are very hands on, requiring a lot of sanding and elbow grease. The more you rub the better they look.

Painted finishes.

These can be either sprayed or brushed depending upon the desired effect or type of material being applied. The finish can range from simple to complex. When the finest finishes are applied properly, even a single solid colored object can be a thing of sophisticated beauty.

Metallic Finishes.

Primarily used on walls and cabinetry, a wide variety of techniques can be employed to create subtle but mesmerizing effects. A simple favorite of mine is a neutral metallic basecoat with a soft antiquing glaze on top.

Milk paint finishes.

This is an old time paint finish. Available in powdered form it can be mixed to a thin consistency for semi translucent coats, or mixed to a thick almost putty consistency. When applied thick, you can achieve a lumpy and crackled look. This, along with it's dry flat sheen, gives it a very "old" appearance. Wax it and you have an amazing, crusty yet deep looking finish.

Automotive finishes.

These are the most refined of all finishes. They offer unparalleled color, appearance and depth of finish. Cabinets, furniture and other specialty items are great candidates for this finish.

Gold, Silver, Copper leaf.

These metallic foils can be used for a great, modern (or unique or sophisticated) effect. They look very remarkable on ceiling, accent walls, and furniture. They can also be used as accent on plaster finishes, metal work, and cabinetry.


The resources for fine finishing come from many sources. Below is a list of the types of products we use to create and maintain our beautiful finishes.


Historical restoration.

These products have been developed for restoring ancient structures using historically correct formulas and raw materials. These are eco-friendly and made with non synthetic raw materials. They are more often than not colored with natural pigments which are mined from the earth. Aged lime plaster, Moroccan Tadelakt, lime washes and Lime putty.

Industrial finishes.

These finishes are technologically advanced and designed for maximum durability. Varnishes, urethanes, epoxies, conversion varnishes, and wood finishes.


These are durable, high quality, and great looking finishes, utilizing paints, varnishes, urethanes for wood, fiberglass, and metal.


You know how good your car looks, just imagine your kitchen cabinets! Candies, metallics, flakes, ultra clear gloss, amazing colors and deep finishes make these projects shine!

Art supplier.

Fine art and decorative finish additives bring more creative results. Gold and silver leaf, mica flakes, metallic ink produce distinctive, shimmering finishes.

Specialty paint supplier.

These finishes include products developed for the decorative painting field. Metallic paints, metallic plasters, bronzing and metallic powders, Italian plasters, milk paint, Crackle glue, bee's wax, Dutch enamel and wood comprise these one-of-a-kind finishes.

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