What is the most important aspect of a great looking job?
The color. Although proper surface preparation is crucial for the longevity of the finish, the best-prepped job can still look lackluster with the wrong colors. With the right colors you get maximum bang for the buck.

Why are there sometimes large price differences between various quotes for the same project?

There are five distinct factors at play when pricing a job:

  1. A. Surface preparation. The substrate must be solid and in proper condition for the coats that will be applied to bond properly.

  2. B. Masking surrounding surfaces. Covering adjacent areas as well and other areas vulnerable to dust, overspray, and drippage is imperative for a clean job.

  3. C. Process. The number of coats of finish, layers of color, and amount of sanding between coats.

  4. D. Quality of materials used. Generally the better the material used the better the appearance, and the longer it lasts.

  5. E. Final detailing and clean up. This is the quality control step. Edges are tightened up, touch ups are made, and all area are inspected making sure the job is in top shape.

Lower estimates usually cut corners on these steps or skip some of them altogether. Some contractors often add hidden or extra charges on to the original low quote, which significantly raises the price.

Why do some finishes look flat or blah while others are deep and glowing?

A beautiful finish comes from the following:

  1. A. The smoothness of the surface. This is achieved by proper application of the finish and preparation of the surface, sanding between coats.

  2. B. Number of coats used. The more coats the deeper the finish.

  3. C. Layering of color. Building up coats of the same color of slightly different colors will really warm up a finish.

  4. D. Type of finished used. Different finishes have different looks. Being familiar with available materials and how they look and perform is important to produce a great looking finish.

How do you get Venetian stucco to be shiny?

Venetian stucco is a highly reflective gloss plaster surface. It is translucent and has a marble appearance. Layering of coats attains this beautiful luster. The shine is achieved by compacting the final coat with the edge of a stainless steel trowel. This technique is known as burnishing. The more the trowel is rubbed over the surface the glossier it becomes.

What if I don't have an unlimited budget?

That's no problem. My team and I apply finishes from the very elaborate to the simple but elegant. My creative approach to developing samples allows me to come up with unique and beautiful finishes in a wide variety of materials and application techniques. As a result, I am able to offer a range of options for your finish needs.

Do you complete your work on schedule?

Yes. On large jobs and those involving multiple trades it's not uncommon for there to be changes and other unexpected delays. My team and I are very experienced at getting projects back on schedule and meeting tight deadlines. We will go above and beyond, working after hours and weekends if necessary to complete our work on time. We apply this skill to all our jobs.

Can you help me pick colors?

Yes, I have many years experience working with high-end designers and home owners with very discriminating taste. I've made countless sample boards and have applied numerous swatches of color to walls all in quest of the perfect color or fine finish. As well, I always have my eyes open to the latest trends in color and finish.

What are the people like that will be in my house?

All my team members are polite, courteous, professional and friendly. Each is serious about their work and bring their own set of skills and talent to the table. They take great care to respect your surroundings and protect your belongings while beautifying your space.

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