‘In the Summer of 1983, I picked up a paint brush for the very first time. It had a comfortable feel and I could paint well with it. I was a natural. After painting for a couple of summers, I began to realize my passion was beautifying homes. I chose to obtain an architectural degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder. After graduation I moved to California, leaving all of my painting gear behind as I embarked on my career in architecture.

After working for a short time in an architectural office, it became clear to me that my talent was to expand beyond the confines of an office. My true interest was to hand craft projects out in the field. I began working for a framer and furniture builder where my inherit skills were enhanced. All the while, I was broadening my knowledge of how to build things and do it well.

Eventually, I apprenticed under a high-end interior designer. She took me under her wing and educated me on what fine design was all about. This is where I really started exploring and pushing my ability to create new and exciting finishes and to manipulate color and texture. Equally important, I learned how to merge jobs together, making them look beautiful and harmonious. I found that I had the ability to dissect and analyze the elements of color and visual composition. These skills, as well as my training in architectural design, have really allowed me to understand the big picture of a project, not just the singular aspect I happen to be working on.

Art, architecture, industrial design, interior design, fashion, and nature highly impact my design sensibilities. Design and color inspire my work. I look forward to sharing this inspiration and passion with you...‘


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